Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Do Fun Stuff for SMS

I'm making a presence. But, I promise it'll be short and I won't do it that often (I know you're really here for Misty and our awesome boys). I only want to share this with you...

I follow a blog called Pacing the Panic Room, mainly at first for the photography and his Walk to 40 Maternity Series, but now it's all about Do Fun Stuff. Bryan Marshall set the whole thing up with friends he knows to raise money for a very rare genetic disorder called SMS that his son has (he calls him Littlest Buddy on the blog). All the money goes towards a grant foundation to be used for case studies for the purpose of learning more about SMS (nobody's getting paid for their work on the project). On it first day after release, it was the #1 album on the children's music charts in iTunes. And that's not only because it's a great cause, but also because the music rocks. Use the above widget to play any song. My favorites are "Potty Time" and "Hooray, it's my Birthday". Enjoy.

Made by Lena