Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Why didn’t I think of this before?!

If you’ve never been to our house let me explain our situation. A year ago we bought the house with the biggest backyard that we could find and afford. It is 8 feet deep on the side of the house (it’s “L” shaped and doesn’t go around both sides of the house, just one) and 10 feet deep in the back. It’s pretty small! We are happy with what we have, it’s just hard to find fun things for Brig to do out there in such a small, uninteresting space. I put a basketball hoop and a bunch of balls out there, but he throws them all over the fence into our neighbors yards, (which is embarrassing) so even that won’t work! So we really haven’t been out there too much. Yesterday, desperate for him to stop begging for Costco rolls (yummy!) and stop getting into things that he shouldn’t (like his brothers walker) I had an ingenious idea!

I washed out the storage bin that was once full of balls, and filled it up with water and Brigham hopped right in. I know that normal people would just get a puddle pool, but this works just as well and it’s free! He spent almost two hours splashing, dumping, and sitting in the water. Today he did it all again! What a joy it is to be able to send him out back and he actually stays out there and enjoys it!

Tyler’s Reunion with Elder Dayton

On Sunday evening we had one of Tyler’s missionary companions and his sweet family over for dinner and had a wonderful time! Tyler was fortunate enough to get in touch with Brad before their move out of state. It was neat to finally meet someone who served with Tyler and hear a little about their time together. They enjoyed reminiscing and catching up. Thank you Brad and Bobbi for visiting. Your girls are darling! We’re sad to see you go so soon after finding you!

Monday, July 13, 2009

A Lazy Summer Day

I love monsoon season! Although it’s still hot out, there’s enough wind and moisture in the air to cool you down a bit. It’s a nice break from the summer’s dry, dead heat. It was on a day like this two weeks ago that we ventured out to take some pictures in front of the corn fields that surround our neighborhood. Brig enjoyed riding his tricycle and insisted on having his picture taken with it in front of the corn. He’s got good taste, it turned out adorable!

When we got back from our photography session Brigham watered our plants and played with his trucks. You may have noticed that we didn’t get any pics of Taft during this excursion. Don’t worry, we’re not playing favorites, he was just asleep in the jogger the whole time. I included some pics of Taft and Brig from earlier in the day so that he’s included!

We love our Bumbo!

Thank you for the wonderful gift Jennie! This was Taft’s first time in his bumbo. He’s still a little small for it, (he can’t hold his head up very well or for very long) but he loves it! Hopefully we can get him to sit in it more often and give his flat head a chance to round out!


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