Monday, July 13, 2009

A Lazy Summer Day

I love monsoon season! Although it’s still hot out, there’s enough wind and moisture in the air to cool you down a bit. It’s a nice break from the summer’s dry, dead heat. It was on a day like this two weeks ago that we ventured out to take some pictures in front of the corn fields that surround our neighborhood. Brig enjoyed riding his tricycle and insisted on having his picture taken with it in front of the corn. He’s got good taste, it turned out adorable!

When we got back from our photography session Brigham watered our plants and played with his trucks. You may have noticed that we didn’t get any pics of Taft during this excursion. Don’t worry, we’re not playing favorites, he was just asleep in the jogger the whole time. I included some pics of Taft and Brig from earlier in the day so that he’s included!

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