Saturday, February 21, 2009

A Snowy Valentines Day!

Last weekend Tyler and I were finally able to escape to my parents cabin up north for the weekend. It seems that every time we want to go it ends up snowing like crazy, which is intimidating to us since we’ve only been in snow a few times. Anyway, we decided to brave the snow and drove up friday afternoon. The cabin looked beautiful covered in snow- I should have taken pictures of it! It only took us a couple of minutes of trying to tromp through 10+ inches of snow in running shoes to realize we were going to need snow boots! We were so lucky to find shoes in all three of our sizes at the gas station down the road! Brigham loved his boots and tromped all around the cabin in them that night. On Saturday we finally had the nerve to go out into the cold. We drove up the canyon and found a small area to get out and play. It took some prompting but we finally got Brig to let us put him down in the snow. He and Tyler had fun picking up big chunks of snow and throwing them at each other and me! We didn’t last long in the cold, but we had fun and were happy to show Brigham snow for the first time!

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