Friday, June 18, 2010

Cowboy Brigham

Brigham recently went to a Cowboy/Cowgirl birthday party. The day of the party, Autumn came over to hang out with me and Taft while he was at the party. By they way, having a kids old enough to be dropped off to a party is awesome... free time for mommy! Brigham had so much fun with his friends and was very proud to bring Sophie (the birthday girl) a present that he picked out (with a little help from me!). We were asked to send Brigham in his best cowboy attire. It was so cute to see him and all his little cowboy and cowgirls friends! We had fun picking out some fun things for him to wear. Before I had kids I swore I would never let my children have toy guns. But how cute is that gun holster?! I rationalized that they are orange. Real guns aren't orange, so it's okay... just agree with me... Anyway, Brigham is excited to be a cowboy next Halloween and I am happy to have that dilemma figured out four months early! Hopefully it won't be so hot then and we can put him in jeans, boots, and a cute cowboy shirt as well!

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