Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Our (kind of) New Place!

 Back in October we moved from a townhouse backed up to the noisy highway, to this house in a quiet neighborhood.  Hurray for peace and quiet!  Although it's a rental that could use some major TLC by our landlord, we have been enjoying the great layout, front porch, and big yard.  These pictures are from a couple months ago.

I love having the pretty woods in the backyard.  The kids love to tromp around out there and explore.  Below is a birdhouse that Tafty made.  I love that he chose to paint it pink!  He knew I would like that.


Emily Archibald said...

What?! You blog?! I like your new place. Can I come see it some time? :-)

T Garrett said...

Haha! You are welcome anytime! And yes, I do blog... about twice a year. I'm going to do better! I'm going to do better!


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