Sunday, March 8, 2009

Our Brave Ride on the Light Rail

So, for those of you who don’t know, Tyler and I live an hour away from our parents. Since the light rail opened I’ve been wondering if it would be a decent way to travel to Mom’s house. It doesn’t get us super close, but close enough for her to pick us up on the other side without it being a very big deal. I thought it would be a good option for those rare times when I want to come visit in the morning and have Tyler meet up with us when he gets off of work that evening. (We don’t want to have both of our cars make the hour drive for the same trip.)

We found the opportunity to try out the train one weekend when we were planning on spending the night at my mom and dad’s house. Friday morning as Tyler dropped us off at the light rail station, I was so nervous! As we approached the doors of the train the loudspeaker told us to “Please stand clear of the doors”. I suddenly felt rushed and was afraid we’d miss this train, so with Brigham in my arms I jumped on and the doors closed right behind us. I didn’t even get a chance to kiss my husband goodbye! With everyone staring at me, my pregnant belly, overstuffed backpack, and the alarmed two-year old in my arms I hurried to the closest seat I could find that wasn’t near any scary looking passengers.

As soon as I took my seat the train started moving and Brigham surprised me and everyone around us by exclaiming “All aboard! All aboard!” As the train picked up speed, he was delighted and said “Whoo Hoo!”.

Brigham and I ended up near the bike racks where there were several college students on their way to school. I was surprised there weren’t too many weirdo’s on the train and we felt quite comfortable. It took Brig a while to become comfortable enough to get off my lap, but eventually he did sit next to me. He watched people get on and off, took pictures with his toy camera, played with his Hotwheels, and watched out the window. He did so good during the whole seventy minutes it took us to get to our stop. I didn’t even have to bust out his snacks until the last ten minutes of the trip! I don’t think we’ll take the train very often (it’s more convenient for me than it is for my mom) but it’s nice to have the option and I wouldn’t mind using it once in a while. It’ll let you know what happens when I try it with a two and a half year old and an infant!

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