Monday, March 16, 2009

The Stand-off

One of my challenges with Brigham lately has been that he wants me, his eight and a half months pregnant mother with back problems to carry him everywhere... especially up the stairs! This afternoon I tried to get Brig to follow me upstairs, but he refused to take one step up on his own. Boldly, (for it’s hard for me to make him so upset!) I told him I was going to go up to the computer and he could come up when he was ready. For 10 minutes I could hear him fussing for me at the bottom of the stairs. Finally he went silent and I kept waiting for him to walk into our office/scrapbook room (which my husband insists I call the “scroffice”) where I was at the computer. He never did. Finally I decided to go check on him and almost tripped on the kid when I made it to the bottom of the stairs. He was asleep on the stairs!! The kid can sleep anywhere! It was so cute until I realized that unknowingly he won our little stand-off and I had to CARRY him up the stairs to put him in his bed! What a stinker!

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