Sunday, February 20, 2011


This little guy has finally been sleeping better through the night. Not perfect, but better. It is the best gift a mother (and father) could ask for! We've started him on rice cereal, which he loves, and I'm thinking that might have made the difference. Now if he could just bless us with a nap longer than an hour during the day...
It's amazing how such a little tiny baby can be so adorable and sweet and also drive you crazy! Between his infant needs, Taft's antics (getting into everything and making big messes), and Brigham's tantrums, I am just so worn out. It's true what my mother says, my biggest blessings are also my greatest challenges. At least my greatest challenges come in the cutest packages!


Kristy, Bill and a Spoiled Golden Retriever said...

So glad you're getting a little more sleep...Liv takes good naps, but doesn't sleep at night lol. Oh well, they're too cute for words so I guess that compensates.

Liz said...

Oh Misty-glad he's sleeping better. Bri is finally doing better at night too and attribute it completely to rice cereal. I know you are tired and worn out but you are such a good example of a good mother. It wouldn't be right if you weren't tired after a day with 3 kids. Its obvious you spend time with your kids and love them. They are your life and that's the way it is supposed to be although it stinks at times. So when you're super tired, just remember it just shows what a good mom you are. Thanks for being such a good friend and good example to me and so many.

ps Bentley is stinkin adorable. Love the picture.


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