Thursday, October 22, 2009

Bath time with the Boys!

I just loved bathing Taft in this infant tub. It fit perfectly in my kitchen sink so I could easily wash him without bending over or having to hold him up. I was so sad when he finally got so big and strong that his feet were hanging over the edge, he was constantly trying to sit up, and he splashed so much that the kitchen and I ended up drenched with each bath. So, here are some pics of his last infant bath...

The next day I told Brigham that Taft was going to take a bath with him in the tub and he was thrilled. They both loved splashing together and kept laughing and giggling. Taft loves the bath toys, especially our foam letters. It’s been a couple weeks and my new challenge is keeping him from falling as he tries to grab onto the side of the tub and stand up... which he can’t do yet. He is so curious and wants to grow up so fast!

This is him trying to stand he just isn’t happy with what he can do.

I love this last picture on the right. The look on his face is just so typical of him. He gives me that look all day long, I love it! And, because I don’t play favorites (most of the time), here’s some pictures of Big Brother who couldn’t figure out what I meant when I said, “No, give me a real smile.” Maybe next time...

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